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Intermediate School Permission Slip

  • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2017 Celebrate the 9TH Annual Walk to School Day! Join your friends and walk to school in the morning and to Riverside Park after school. There will be chances to win gift certificates and prizes to local shops plus food, games and contests.

    MORNING: Walk from home or those who live too far to walk can meet at the CFIS Parking lot on Philomethian by 7:45 am and walk to Harris Stadium with a group of adults and students. Einstein's bagels, lemonade and raffle tickets for prizes will be given out at Harris Stadium to all walkers.

    AFTER SCHOOL: Walk with friends to Riverside Park at dismissal. Students will participate in a Fun Fitness Fair and enjoy a snack and chances to win prizes. Prizes will be awarded at 5pm at the park. Parents are welcome to attend. *Students must stay at Riverside Park during the entire event unless leaving early with a parent.

    Students will leave backpacks and chrome books at the lower community room of the Federated Church on Bell St, they will be escorted by teachers and volunteers onward to Riverside Park.

    END of EVENT: At the end of the event, students will walk in groups back to the Federated Church lower entrance, pick up their secured items, and be dismissed. Students can walk home, or be picked up by a parent between 5:30-5:45 pm. Cars can queue in front of the CFIS building and loop to Federated though the pass in between the parking lots. (Enter on Philomethian Street, pick up at doors to lower lot of Federated Church and exit onto Bell Street)

    NOTE: Students must stay at Riverside Park during the entire event and return to the Federated Church with the group to be dismissed. If your student must leave the event early, parental permission is required on the permission slip below and students must still return to the Federated Church to be signed out and retrieve their belongings.

    Please make a plan with your student to either meet at Riverside Park and walk together to the Federated Church or meet at the Federated Church to leave early.

    Carpooling or walking home is encouraged. Please communicate with your child your plans for pick-up to avoid confusion.

    Students must sign the permission slip with parents and adhere to these rules.

    If you have more than one student at CFIS, please fill out this form for each student.

  • Please enter a value between 4 and 6.
  • I give permission for my child to participate in the WALK TO SCHOOL-WALK TO TOWN October 12, 2017. I realize there will be food offered. My child will follow all rules stated above and stay in Riverside Park during the entire event unless I have provided permission for him/her to leave early. I understand that all students must return to the Federated Church to retrieve their belongings and be signed out before being dismissed. Organizers and volunteers supervising the event are in no way responsible or liable for any harm that might come to my child or his/her belongings.