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Students are permitted to ride a bicycle to/from school provided they utilize the designated school bike path, wear a helmet and lock their bicycle on the racks provided.

The riding of bicycles to and from school by students is an assumption of responsibility by students and parents/guardians.  This responsibility extends to the care of property, the observation of safety rules, and the display of courtesy and consideration towards others.  The school assumes no liability for injuries or damage.

School employees, and parents/guardians are role models for all children, and older children should be role models for younger children.  Role models have a responsibility to follow laws and rules for safe walking, bicycling and driving to ensure the safety of all road users (pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists).  Students and parents/guardians should follow recommended bicycling safety guidelines and always use their common sense and good judgment.

The following statements are provided as guidelines to promote understanding of a few areas of concern:

  • To reduce the risk of bicycle-related head injuries, students are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet while riding to and from school and while riding on school property.
  • The Middle School / High School Bike Path extends from the sidewalk at East Washington and runs through the two ball fields. Bicyclists share this route with pedestrians, and any student not following basic safety procedures or displaying common courtesy may lose the privilege of bicycling to/from school.
  • Similarly, drivers should follow basic safety procedures and display common courtesy toward pedestrians and cyclists, yielding right of way when appropriate.
  • Bike racks are available at the end of the bike path, where students should park and lock their bicycles before crossing over to the school building as pedestrians, using the designated raised crosswalk.
  • Bicycles are not to be ridden anywhere on campus other than along this designated path.
  • The school holds no responsibility for lost or damaged bicycles.
  • Cyclists should use their bike bell as a warning when approaching pedestrians, and take care, passing pedestrians only on the left.
  • To ensure they can be seen by other road users, students should use bicycle lights and wear high-visibility clothing, as appropriate.

Accessing high school/middle school campus from Washington Street:

  • The school recommends that all students, unless adept at riding in traffic, use the sidewalks on Washington Street to enter the campus and the crosswalks at the traffic signal, as follows:
    • In the morning, students arriving from the east of campus should maneuver onto the sidewalk at the Ridgewood intersection and then cross at the signal, using the crosswalk as a pedestrian (walking their bike) and then proceeding on the Washington Street sidewalk toward the bike path. Students arriving from the west of campus should approach on the Washington Street sidewalk along school property and then proceed on the bike path. (see map)
  • In the afternoon, ALL bicyclists are encouraged to exit the bike path toward the traffic signal where they should cross at the signal, using the crosswalk as a pedestrian (walking their bike) and then proceeding either east or west on the north-side sidewalk. (see map)
  • The school advises students and parents to use their best judgment, based on the skill and experience of the individual cyclist, whether to ride in the street with traffic or on the sidewalk with pedestrians.
  • Ultimately, parents have the responsibility for selecting their children’s routes to and from bus stops, schools, and home. Parents are also responsible for providing supervision that is appropriate for the student’s age, maturity and conditions of the chosen route.

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