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School Route Maps

School Campus Maps (click on the name of your school):
 Village Map 2016
Let this map be your guide when choosing a route to walk or bike to school.


Printable version of map at this link: Village Map 2016
PARENTS: Before school, or on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, walk the route with your child and give them your advice and guidance on the best route to school, taking into consideration the location of sidewalks, safe houses and placement of crossing guards. Tailor your plan to your neighborhood. Ask your child to take the same route each day so that you know where to look in case of an emergency. Remind your child to use sidewalks, avoid shortcuts, and cross only at intersections (preferably ones with traffic signals) and that jaywalking is not only dangerous, it is illegal! Ultimately, parents have the responsibility for selecting their children’s routes to and from bus stops, schools, and home. Parents are also responsible for providing supervision that is appropriate for the student’s age, maturity and conditions of the chosen route. If you feel you child would benefit from a regular adult presence, then read about Walking School Buses below.
1) Washington Street & Philomethian intersection
2) Washington Street & Main Street intersection (guards cross kids from Key Bank to the Park or Key Bank to BP; we prefer students to cross into the Triangle and then from Triangle to Travelon building if heading down Franklin)
3) Washington Street & Franklin Street (guards cross students from Lowe’s to Christian Science and to Triangle Park)
* We’d love to add more intersections, but we need more volunteers to be able to do so!
A great way to encourage independence and still provide guidance for your child is to form a Walking School Bus in your neighborhood.  The Walking School Bus is a program in which a group of children walk to and from school under adult supervision. The Walking School Bus concept was developed to enable children to have a safe, consistent system to walk to school on a regular basis, even when traffic, weather, and crime are concerns. Parents can take turns walking with the students and reinforcing safe habits. For more information on forming a Walking School Bus, join Safe Routes Chagrin on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL from 8:30-9am in the CFIS library. You can also check out this website: