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Teen Driving Outreach

Speeding and distracted driving are two common safety concerns for children traveling to school. In an effort to increase safety for students who walk and bike as well as those who are driving, Safe Routes Chagrin, SAY, the CFPD and the school administration collaborated on a program for 2013 on distracted driving.  We arranged to use ODOT’s Distracted Driving Simulator and students also viewed a video on the dangers of texting and driving and held small group discussions. The culmination of the program was a review of the state laws that impact teenage drivers by the Chagrin Falls Police Department, including the new law against texting and talking on the phone while driving.

Want to test YOUR knowledge of teen driving laws? Take our test here.  CFPD Pre-Test for Distracted Driving Program

Answers here: CFPD Pre-Test ANSWERS for Distracted Driving Program

For more information on the new Ohio texting ban, visit the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles info site.