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Check out that curving bike path — biking has arrived at the 7-12 campus!

After a year of discussions on how to make this a safe option for students, this year middle school and high school students will be permitted to cycle to school. The image to the right shows the beginning of the construction of the bike lane through the two ball fields. The path was designed to curve around and preserve the root systems of the existing tall trees. Looks great, doesn’t it? Bike racks will be installed at the end of this path before the main drive on campus. The students on bike must use the sidewalk on Washington to enter the path. They must also stop at the parking lot crossing to look for traffic – but all and all, a great improvement for our student cyclists and walkers. In order to celebrate the new policy, Safe Routes will sponsor a contest in the fall for middle school cyclists. Look for info here as well as in your student’s email newsletters.



Part time coordinator position filled by new coordinator Shawna Michaels.

Shawna Michaels, community member, local businesswoman and Safe Routes volunteer, has been selected for the part time coordinator job offered in the spring of 2011. She will begin work with Safe Routes Chagrin in July to prepare for the 2011-2012 school year. Ms. Michaels can be reached through our email address at During the summer, she will work with school administration to oversee the installation of the new bike path at the 7-12 campus and organize the crossing guard program for the 2011-2012 school year. Walk to School Day will be on October 7th. Preparations for this wildly popular student event begin in September. New initiatives for the 2011-2012 school year include promoting biking on the 7-12 campus, development of a sidewalk clearing program in concert with the high school and the creation of student-run school walking clubs at both CFIS and CFMS.

Welcome Shawna!