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And our Walk and Bike to School Days Sponsor:
Our program has evolved from one supported almost entirely by federal grants to one that is self-sustaining. As such, we are seeking financial support from sponsors and donations from members of our community to help underwrite some of the expenses associated with our events.
The benefit of launching a program with federal funds is that we have had an opportunity to test and hone our events so that we can now focus on those that are proven winners. Our Walk to School Day is a hugely successful event which attracts over 500 students and over 50 parent and community volunteers. This October we will hold our 6th annual Walk to School – Walk to Town Day and we expect participation numbers to exceed 500. Similarly, last spring, Bike to School with Dads’ Day attracted over 150 students and 50 Dads who bike with their kids to school. This year we expect even greater participation.
By sponsoring or donating to Safe Routes Chagrin, companies have an opportunity to support health and wellness for Chagrin Falls students, while enjoying a marketing exposure to families in the Chagrin Falls School District.

SPONSORS: We have two tiers of sponsorship:   Partner Sponsorship  & Event Sponsors: Bike to School Day and/or Walk to School Day. Please use the email link below to request more information.

DONATIONS: Individuals can make a donation by using this form: SRTS donation form

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If you would like more information, please contact Kathryn Garvey, Past President, Safe Routes Chagrin at our email address.