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As the snow blankets our town, we all need to move a little more carefully.

It’s winter.  Not officially, yet – but no one can deny that we’ve got the winter look with over a foot of snow on the ground and more on the way.  Keeping our sidewalks clear is a complex challenge.  At Safe Routes, we recognize that snow can stop student walkers in their tracks.  The first step to making the pathways safe is to encourage our able-bodied residents and businesses to do their best to comply with the Village snow removal regulations.

543.02  Removal of Ice and Snow From Sidewalks

It shall be the duty of the owner of each and every parcel of real estate in the Municipality abutting upon any sidewalk to keep such sidewalk abutting his premises free and clear of snow and ice and to remove therefrom all snow and ice within two hours after the most recent accumulation of ice or snow, or if during the night, two hours after sunrise, or, if notice by the Municipality, within two hours of such notice.  Notice is adequate whether oral or written and served upon the owner or occupant, or posted in writing on the main entrance of the premises.  (Ord. 1987-44 Passes 10-26-87)

543.04  Materials on Streets and Sidewalks

No person shall encumber any street, sidewalk or tree lawn or, being the owner, occupant or person having care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street or sidewalk, permit the same to be encombered with barrels, boxes, cans, articles or substances of any kind, so as to interfere with the free and unobstructed use thereof.

No person shall sweep, shovel or pile or, being the owner, occupant or person having care of any building or lot of land bordering any street, sidewalk, alley or public place, permit or cause the sweeping, shoveling or piling of any snow, ice, leaves, branches, twigs, brush or grass upon any street, alley or public place. (Ord. 1963-558. Passed 2-11-63)

Please advise your snow plow operators that they must not push snow onto the sidewalks.

If you have any questions, please call the Chagrin Falls Service Department at (440) 247-5053. 

So – that’s step one.  Still, sometimes the snow blocking the sidewalk isn’t simply a result of lax shoveling.  We hope to take a closer look at some of our snow problems and try to proposed some long term solutions.  Unfortunately, the Safe Routes to School federal program does NOT fund anything related to snow removal.  This is an unfortunate fact.  Our program tried to make the case for snow equipment in our application – but it was denied.  Never the less, we haven’t given up on the problem.  It’s just something we may have to solve on our own.  Any ideas?  Complicated snow problems in your area?  Please let us know.  Email

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