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What is Safe Routes Chagrin?

Our Purpose

Safe Routes Chagrin exists to promote healthy, active lifestyles for school-age children.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and support school-age students in leading healthy, active lifestyles that incorporate walking and biking to and from school and around town as part of their daily physical activity, while boosting students’ personal responsibility, safety and independence.

Our Steering Committee

Our core team is comprised of representatives from the school district, police force, village council, library, local small business owners, community organizers and many, many parents. Programs and events are planned by our Steering Committee, which includes:

  • Christopher Woofter (School Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives)
  • Rebecca Holthaus (Principal, Intermediate School)
  • David Wessel (Principal, Middle School)
  • Steven Ast (Principal, High School)
  • Lieutenant Amber Dacek (Chagrin Falls Police)
  • Kathryn Garvey (Board President)
  • Sally Goss (Event Coordinator)
  • Molly Balunek (Treasurer)
  • Jennifer Donnellan (Secretary)
  • Jill Markey (Brand Management and Marketing)
  • Jean Kanzinger (Teacher)
  • Jacob English (Owner, Mountain Road Cycles)
  • Jim Levine (Police Officer & Parent)
  • Steven Patton (President, Village Council)
  • Benjamin Himes (Village of Chagrin Falls)
  • Pam Malone (Health & Physical Education Department Chair, CFEVS )

Contact Info:

Want to contact us?  Here’s our address: