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Walk And Roll Wednesdays At CFMS


Middle School Students

Get some exercise, enjoy the weather and reduce your carbon “footprint” by walking or biking to and from school and at recess on Wednesdays!

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Wednesdays from April 10th to May 29th

Who Can Participate:

Everyone! Students can meet at a team-mate’s house and walk/bike together, or if no one lives within walking distance, then you can be dropped off at a convenient location (like the post office) and walk from there. To get credit, you should walk or bike at least a 1⁄4 mile (10 minutes). After school, you can walk or bike to town, to the library, or to a friend’s house to earn more points. Remember, everyone can walk at recess!

How it Works:

You will form teams of up to 6 people. On Wednesdays, Team members earn a Trip Point for each time they walk or bike To/From school and when they walk the track at recess.

To track your trips to and from school, you must sign in at the Washington St. side of 1) the Rec sidewalk or 2) bike path between the ball fields. You will also sign in at the track at Recess. Your Team will get weekly summaries that you will enter into the contest website.

Student Prizes:

TEAM that Walks or Bikes the most number of times on Wednesdays

All-weekend ride bracelet for Blossom Time, for each Team member

Student who Bikes the most number of times on Wednesdays

$100 gift certificate to Mountain Road Cycles

First 10 Teams to Earn Average of 6 Trip Points

Life+Gear GlowStick


To get credit for participating, and by entering the contest, you agree to the following rules. If you violate any of these rules, you will not get credit for your participation and may be deemed ineligible for prizes:

  •  I agree to use marked crosswalks when walking. Safety is important and jay-walking is very dangerous.
  • I agree to follow the rules of the road when biking on the street, to follow the school rules for entering school property on a bike, and to always wear my helmet.
  •  I agree to walk/bike at least 1⁄4 mile (10 minutes) to/from school and not to get dropped off any closer to the school.
  •  I agree to provide accurate and truthful information about my daily activities and number of minutes or miles walking/biking.