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Video Contest

Safe Routes Chagrin and the Principal’s Advisory Committee at Chagrin Falls Middle School present…..

the GET REEL Video Contest starting 3-18-2016

Choose from one of these two themes:

“To Jaywalk or Not to Jaywalk – that is the Question” 

“Rise Above and Be Courteous – Don’t Text, Talk and Walk !!”

GRAND PRIZE            Lunch for your team at Burntwood Tavern with a teacher of your choice and $10 Starbucks gift cards.

RUNNER UP               Team members receive candy filled baskets and $20 gift cards to Step-In.

       Plus….winning videos will premiere at the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

What is it?

An opportunity for middle school students to showcase their knowledge of traffic safety by producing a 5 minute (or shorter) video. All entries will be screened by all students at the middle school to determine the winner.

The Themes

“To Jaywalk or Not to Jaywalk – that is the Question” 

“Rise Above and Be Courteous – Don’t Text, Talk and Walk !!”

The videos submitted for this theme should feature middle school students demonstrating the dangers and consequences of jaywalking or texting while walking.

  • Have fun with different settings and scenarios! You can walk into all sorts of dangerous situations (e.g. traffic, poles, ditches, fountains, lockers, other people, etc)
  • The overall message of your video should be: Jaywalking is a dangerous business or Texting/ Talking while walking can have serious consequences. You have to pay attention to stay safe.

Who Can Enter?

  • Any individual middle school student at Chagrin Falls Middle School
  • A group of up to 4 Chagrin Falls Middle School students
  • While there are no limitations on the number of people who can work on the development of a video, a maximum of four (4) will be eligible for prizes.

What are the Video Requirements?

Videos must be:

  • 1 to 5 minutes in length
  • MP4, MOV, AVI or WMV format

What do the Judges Want to See?

Each video will be evaluated on:

  • Content (50%): Does it demonstrate the theme persuasively?
  • Creativity (25%): Does it hold the audience’s interest?
  • Video Production (25%): Can the audience clearly see and hear the video?

What Music Can I Use?

Your video cannot contain ANY music that you do not own or have permission to use. See the “Rules and Guidelines” below for details.

How to Enter

  1. Be sure to read Rules & Guidelines
  2. Download and complete the entry form and all release forms
  3. Submit entry form and all release forms with your movie on a DVD to CFMS office, or upload online
  4. Sponsored by Safe Routes Chagrin, the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival & the Middle School Principal’s Advisory Committee



Link to the flyer: GetReel flyer 2016

Link to Video Contest Rules and Guidelines 2016


Link to the Entry Form:  GetReel_EntryForm_Spring2016

Link to the Release Form:  GetReel_ReleaseForm