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Safe Houses

safe house-01A Safe House is a home along the school walking route that is clearly marked as a safe place for students to go if they need assistance or help.  Homeowners do not have to be home all the time, but it is helpful if generally there is an adult home during the time students are walking to and from school.  Safe House volunteers are given a background check.

This year, we have expanded the Safe House program to include homes on North Street, South Franklin Street, Main Street, Philomethian Street, Bell Street and Ridgewood Road.

If you would like to be a Safe House, please e-mail us at   We will ask for a background check and then will provide you with all the information you need to be a Safe House homeowner! A small garden flag will be placed in your yard indicating your Safe House status and your location will be marked on the School Routes Map.



Safe House Locations