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New Paths to Walk/Bike

Following an assessment of the barriers to active transportation in our community, we adopted seven core goals.  The first was:

To improve sidewalks and pathways for walkers and bicyclists on school routes

What we’ve done to date:

  1. Added clearly defined walk/bike paths on school property that are separated from vehicle traffic, to address safety concerns about students randomly traversing the parking lots and taking unsafe cut-throughs, as well as to provide a safe route for students to ride their bikes to the middle/high school campus.
  2. Improved snow removal on school routes with a community outreach campaign and worked with local law enforcement to reinforce the local snow removal ordinance so that students can walk/bike in the winter in an area where the average snowfall is 78 inches (versus 25 nationally).
  3. Added new sidewalks and fixed continuity problems at prioritized locations on school routes, thereby connecting large populations of students to their schools and addressing the number one factor impeding students walking (90% of parents surveyed said lack of sidewalks was why their students did not walk)