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Crossing Guard Training Session Rescheduled to September 2nd

crossingguard1We’ve had to delay our crossing guard training session scheduled for this evening.  We are still struggling to get enough volunteers to fill three intersections (mornings and afternoons) this fall.  It’s not a huge time commitment.  You can commit to a single day as  your shift.  Still, I think it has been hard for people to know that this will work in their schedule with school not open yet.  We are hoping to get more volunteers after the start of school events – and then hold a single training session with our police officers.

If you think you MIGHT be able to be a crossing guard SOME of the time, please contact us using the form in the sidebar and select “yes” for volunteer information  If you are interested in finding out more about what would be involved in being a crossing guard, please contact us as well.    We’d be happy to tell you more.  What we can tell everyone is this – it is a very rewarding gig.  Kids (and parents) are comforted to see the same face each day at the corner.  It brings our community to life.  We’re trying hard to figure out how to offer some type of reward for this position beyond a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.  Please, please, please think about it.

When we have a date for the new guard training session, we will let all the interested parties know.


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