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Hope you are all planning a fun last day of summer with your kiddos! As you know, the crossing guards will be at their posts tomorrow morning at 7:45am, ready to meet your kids and you (if you are planning to walk with them to CFIS the first day of school). It's a great time to point out the Safe Houses, crosswalks and the route you want them to walk each day. Remind them to "walk defensively", looking for drivers to stop before they cross the street and to be aware of their surroundings. Stay from 8:30-9am for a brief meeting to learn about Walking School Buses - in CFIS library. Please see our web page for details on Safe Houses and where the crossing guards cross kids and feel free to message me if you have any questions! PS: If you cannot walk with your child tomorrow, you could always take a few minutes today. Looks like a gorgeous day! ...

2 days ago

Sue ReidDilemma: We have a short walk to IS (maybe 6-8 min or so) but my youngest gets picked by bus at 8:15 to go to Gurney. Should I walk my IS student before that and let her wait at school or risk her being late?! I'm not aware of other walkers on our block but one, and we wanted to walk with our daughter, especially at the beginning. Please advise2 days ago

When you become a Chagrin Falls Volunteer Crossing Guard, you join a wonderful group of caring individuals who give back to our community on a daily basis by helping provide safe crossings for students. Every day, we do something to improve the lives of many children. How rewarding is that! If you'd like to learn more about becoming a crossing guard, join us this Thursday at the Chagrin Fire Station at 9am. It could be the best thing you do this year! ...

1 week ago

Betsey Byrne GregoireThanks for keeping our kids safe !1 week ago

Laurel Worley HeaterThank you, thank you!! If I didn't work 50-80 hrs per week, I promise I'd volunteer (and I might volunteer one of these days anyway!). We really appreciate all of you!!1 week ago

Angela DeBernardoWhat are the hours you need?1 week ago