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If a crossing guard is in the crosswalk, cars should STOP and not try to turn, even if they have a green light (turning left) and even if they think there is enough room! Kids are unpredictable and could dart out. Cars are constantly eking up on the guards as they try to turn right. If the guard is in the crosswalk, wait for her to be on the sidewalk again before attempting to turn. PLEASE watch for pedestrians and be extra cautious, erring on the side of safety. ...

4 days ago

Kathryn S. Garveyand yes....a group of kids, a father and I were nearly hit today! Fortunately the police office at BP saw it and went after the driver. She made eye contact with me and despite me thrusting my sign and blowing my whistle, she turned right in front of us...only a foot away from the kids.4 days ago

Betsey Byrne GregoireGlad you are all ok. Scary.4 days ago

Kathryn S. GarveyPlease share this on your timelines so we can help get the word out to drivers.4 days ago

Krista Arsena LatoreGlad you are all ok! This is getting ridiculous!!! So scary. Something has to change!!4 days ago

Karl MaerschA police officer was parked at BP? What are the odds of that.4 days ago

Kathryn S. GarveyThe police are really supportive of the crossing guards and often park at BP during school arrival and dismissal. I would say they give out tickets for speeding and illegal turn about every day. They also try to patrol the school zones and if a second patrolman is available, they park at Falls Travel, or somewhere else along the walking routes. We have Lieutenant Amber Dacek to thank for all their support! --- Still, even with a police cruiser within sight, you wouldn't believe how drivers behave.4 days ago

Karl MaerschI'm glad to hear that and I like what Amber has done a lot. I should probably keep my cynical comments to myself, but as you know my view is that more patrols in the village will make these inattentive drivers learn to pay attention.4 days ago

Alex HamerstoneI have been impressed with everything I have seen and heard about Lieutenant Dacek.4 days ago

Sherri Konick-FossacecaAnth and Sage were in that group. Thank you Kathryn for all of the time that you put in to ensure that our families are safe.4 days ago

Kathryn S. GarveyThank goodness Anthony was walking with the boys and was able to keep them away from the car.4 days ago

Janelle Zarecor RanieriDrivers today just aren't paying attention.4 days ago

Please do not block the sidewalk when pulling out of a drive. ...pedestrians have the right of way. ...

7 days ago